The Hands & Feet Providing Spoons Full of HOPE!!

Esther's Heart for Transformation Ministry, Inc

Testimonials and Comments


Roberta United Methodist Church has partnered with Esther’s Heart for the past three years. The founder, Andrea King, has talked to our congregation on two occasions. The feedback we have had from our congregation has been overwhelmingly positive. Many people have said they could listen to her speak all day. The team’s dedication to feeding hungry school children who otherwise would do without is commendable. Roberta United Methodist Church has been blessed by Partnering with Esther’s Heart.

Jim & Corky Robinette ~Mission Co Chairs

Thank-you so much for all you do for our students and families here at Beverly Hills Elementary School. It is truly appreciated. We are so lucky to have such an amazing program to help our families in need. The program that you provide is a true blessing and we cannot thank-you enough! GOD Bless you!

Ms. Mercado

 Andrea is Esther's Heart in action. They deliver again and again on their promise to eliminate the distraction of hunger! We have also witnessed Esther’s Heart join initiatives that establish hope for all children, families, and surrounding communities. She calls herself a hugger. We are so grateful she is hugging this community and especially our organization and families we serve.

Spencer Swain - Executive Director

Families First in Cabarrus County

As a Community Service Program Coordinator, my first experience with Esther's Heart was truly a heart-warming experience. When working with Esther's Heart, it was very evident that love had to be the first ingredient.

A young man that I had a pleasure of working with at Esther's Heart has learned the importance of giving back with love. It is truly a blessing that Esther's Heart has touched a child's life in such a way to recognize this importance. Now this young man solely welcomes the opportunity to do it again. Thank you Esther's Heart for playing such a huge role in the community. You're not only touching one life but many.

Carolyn Foreman 

I am a princess was a life changing experience for my daughter and myself. It shed light to a positive self-image and a higher standard of morals. The way the information was presented and the behavior the speaker modeled was transmitted as a positive new way of life. I was taught to view myself as a queen and my daughter a princess, for we are royalty. I will always remember the character development training and value the lessons taught at this experience.

Robin B. Holland

I want to say it has truly been a blessing to work with Esther's Heart. Being new to the area, and wanting to be a part of a group making an impact I met Mrs. King already making an impact with a summer feeding program. I was so amazed with the sacrifice, that I wanted to help serve and have my basketball team volunteer as well to be a part of change. We will continue to work with Esther's Heart, and looking forward to being a blessing any way we can.

Tony Spates

Thank-you for partnering with West Charlotte YWCA Learning Center. Esther’s Heart has touched the lives of so many of our students and families in the West Charlotte community. We truly appreciate your dedication and effort. We are especially grateful for your phenomenal Character Empowerment Workshops & the Backpacks of Hope Program. Thank-you for your time, energy, and generosity. Your charitable attitude is a positive influence on our youth and the families we serve. We are so blessed to have partnered with Esther’s Heart for Transformation.

Tashina Figueroa

Since coming to Montclaire Elementary in December 2017, working with Esther's Heart has been a pure joy. They are very receptive and helpful in explaining the program and its determination to help feed our young children. I had families that were in urgent need of food and Esther's Heart filled their needs without even having the families fill out paperwork like most non-profits.

They shortened the process and we were able to get families food even on our non-delivery days. This has truly impressed me and showed me that when our community comes together we can meet the needs of hungry families. Esther's Heart is a Blessing that keeps on giving. I have worked with other non-profits in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area, but they really have out-shined the others. I say this because, they take the child hunger very serious and their passion is evident in their service. I have learned a lot in a short time and i look forward to working with them in the future

Anthony Delahoussaye - Behavior Technician

Thank you for all you do. We love working with you all.

Dr. Aimy Steele

Ms King,

Thank you so much for coming into our class and our hearts . We all, including me, have learned so much through your lessons, thoughtfulness and amazing spirit. My classroom has become a family and in a way, you are our matriarch. We love you and are truly blessed to have had you with us!

Thank you and lots of love.

Mrs. Dana Bennett-Wise